NASH Pharmaceuticals

NASH Pharmaceuticals Inc. is developing novel therapies for patients diagnosed with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) and non-alcoholic steatosis (NASH). The Company has an exclusive option to acquire the patent-pending technology developed at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. A USPTO review of the patent is expected in late 2017.

We are on a mission to eradicate liver cirrhosis caused by fatty liver disease. We believe that with the advances in technology and the discovery of medicinal benefits of marijuana, a cure for this disease is just around the corner.

Kal Malhi

NASH PHARMACEUTICALS is strategically positioned to be a key player in the development of therapies to treat NASH, a condition of excessive fat in the liver related to obesity and diabetes.
Backed by a strong intellectual property portfolio, working in conjunction with leading Israeli research centers, utilizing decades of leadership of cannabinoid research and evidence-based patient trials. 
NASH PHARMACEUTICALS has a unique partnership with Yissum (commercialization arm of Hebrew University, the leading Israeli Research Institute) to lead product development and commercialization of therapies to treat NASH.
NASH PHARMACEUTICALS is developing strategic alliances with other universities around the world to acquire and develop novel technologies to treat fatty liver diseases. 

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